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Posted on 05-03-2017

Learn How Our Rockville Centre Chiropractic Care Can Help With Chronic Pain

Is drug-free pain management possible? If you suffer from chronic pain, it is understandable if you’re skeptical about different pain management solutions. For years, health care professionals relied on prescription painkillers to manage chronic pain, leading to an epidemic of painkiller abuse and addiction. Scientific research shows that even over-the-counter pain medication can be risky. These medications can damage your kidneys, liver, stomach, digestive system, and other organs. Whether you take small or large dosages, long-term reliance on medication for pain management can cause irrevocable damage to your body.

drug free pain today

Many Americans with chronic pain find themselves in a difficult place. They know medication is not the answer, but they are also frustrated with their pain and are searching for a solution that will let take back control of their daily lives. The solution: drug-free chiropractic care and holistic pain management.

Drug-Free Pain Management

Pain is your body’s “check engine” light and it should not be ignored. Here's how chiropractic care helps:

  1. Focus on the body as a whole. Dr. Gehnrich follows a whole body approach to pain management. Rather than focusing on isolated symptoms, Dr. Gehnrich considers how the body’s different systems work in harmony with one another. By treating the whole body, we can alleviate physical and emotional suffering. 

  2. Personalized pain management and corrective care. Our pain management and corrective care plans are tailored to each patient’s age, lifestyle, and level of spinal neglect. Chiropractic care and holistic care not only relieves pain and nerve compression but also allows the body to begin clearing out toxins. The end result: less pain, increase the range of motion, more energy, and better sleep.

  3. Unlock the body’s ability to heal itself. By addressing the root cause of your pain, our holistic care plans unlock your body’s ability to heal itself. Dr. Gehnrich believes that the only way to prevent continued pain and disease is to change your lifestyle and health philosophy. Our holistic wellness center will give you the tools to lead a physically, emotionally, and technically balanced life. We address the five basic health facets: physical activity, healthy foods, proper rest, good emotional state, and a positive mental attitude.

Call Us Today To Learn About Our Drug-Free Pain Management

Learn How Drug-Free Pain Management Puts You Back in Control: Call 516-536-6000 today.

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