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Cold Laser Therapy: Heal Faster After Injury and Manage Pain the Natural Way

Are you struggling with chronic pain? Frustrated with your body’s slow recovery process after an injury? Cold laser therapy can help. This non-invasive, drug-free therapy decreases acute and chronic pain, reduces painful inflammation, increases range of motion, promotes faster tissue healing, and helps prevent unwanted surgeries. At Rhino Chiropractic & Holistic Wellness Center, our chiropractic care team has had significant success managing chronic pain and speeding the injury recovery process thanks to cold laser therapy.

Cold Laser Therapy Promotes Faster Tissue Healing & Helps Prevent Unwanted Surgeries

woman in pain before cold laser therapy in Rockville Centre, NYCold laser therapy is an important part of our approach to holistic care that targets the root causes for pain, rather than relying on medication to mask pain symptoms. Our mission is to find the underlying cause for your aches and pains and then treat the root problem. This is exactly what cold laser therapy does. This cutting edge approach has helped thousands of back pain sufferers across the United States safely ease discomfort associated with sciatica, back pain or neck pain.

What is cold laser therapy?

Class IV cold laser therapy uses energy from light to stimulate internal healing and relieve pain. During a treatment session, light will penetrate six to eight inches below the skin. The body then converts this light into ATP, a chemical “fuel” that is essential to repairing cellular damage and reducing inflammation. If you suffer from chronic pain, then reducing tissue inflammation is essential to long lasting pain relief. When injured soft tissue fails to correctly heal, scar tissue can form. Scar tissue aggravates inflammation and reduces mobility. By delivering targeted energy directly to the cells that need it most, cold laser therapy supports the body’s natural healing process. For more information on cold laser therapy, click here.

How does cold laser therapy complement my chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care and cold laser therapy go hand-in-hand for the body’s recovery after injury. When the musculoskeletal system is out of alignment, this misalignment can irritate surrounding nerves and trigger pain. Chiropractic adjustments are important to the healing process because they bring correct alignment back to the spine. However, if you have sustained soft tissue injuries, you may need additional care that goes beyond spinal adjustments. Physiotherapy, corrective exercises and cold laser therapy are three examples of care approaches that help reduce internal inflammation and restore mobility to the body after injury. By supporting the body’s recovery process, cold laser therapy helps to restore a fuller range of mobility to the body. For more information on how cold laser therapy works, click here.

Which conditions does cold laser therapy address?

Cold laser therapy decreases acute and chronic pain, including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and elbow pain, and also increases range of motion after injury. Our chiropractor recommends a full diagnostic exam to determine if you are a good candidate for care. For more information on the conditions that cold laser therapy addresses, click here.

Could cold laser therapy be the right approach for your pain management needs? Schedule an appointment with our chiropractor Dr. Gehnrich today.

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