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How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

woman seeking treatment for injury with cold laser therapy in Rockville Centre, NY

If chronic back pain or neck pain is compromising your quality of life, you may be a good candidate for cold laser therapy. This cutting-edge approach has helped thousands of back pain sufferers ease their pain and return to living a healthier, more active lifestyle. Cold laser therapy uses light energy to stimulate internal healing and relieve pain. Studies show that cold laser therapy is an effective option for addressing chronic pain and supporting the body’s natural healing process after an injury. Our Rockville Centre chiropractor Dr. John Gehnrich recommends cold laser therapy is part of a comprehensive plan to address chronic pain.

Rockville Centre Cold Laser Therapy Helps Patients Heal Faster After Injury

Cold laser therapy targets concentrated amounts of light several inches beneath the skin’s surface. Unlike cosmetic lasers that produce heat, cold lasers use light to stimulate internal healing. The laser emits visible and invisible light energy that passes through the skin surface. This targeted light can penetrate injured cells, which soak up the light’s energy. The light photons are used to produce more cellular fuel known as ATP inside the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. The more ATP your cells have available, the faster they will be able to repair cellular damage and minimize inflammation. Cold laser therapy does not harm human tissue– it helps it heal faster!

Why Cold Laser Therapy is Important for Injury Rehabilitation

Tissue inflammation is a contributing factor for chronic pain. When injured soft tissues fail to heal properly, thick bands of scar tissue will form across the injury site. This scar tissue can further aggravate pain and impede the body’s healing process. Laser therapy promotes internal healing by minimizing inflammation and reducing scar tissue formation. Regular cold laser therapy treatments can help patients heal faster after injury while increasing range of motion in the injured area.

Cold laser therapy is safe and effective. With more than 25 years of clinical research and thousands of published studies, there are no reported harmful side effects. It has long been a popular treatment choice for elite athletes who use cold laser therapy to recover from injuries and prepare for peak athletic performance. Laser therapy is also utilized by trauma hospitals, burn centers, and professional sports franchises to support the body’s natural healing process. Our Rockville Centre chiropractor Dr. John Gehnrich believes all patients – and not just professional athletes – can benefit from cold laser therapy. Dr. Gehnrich is one of the first wellness providers in Rockville to offer this cutting-edge approach.

Next Steps: Getting Started with Cold Laser Therapy in Rockville Centre

You may be a good candidate for cold laser therapy if you currently suffer from back pain, neck pain or sciatica. Cold laser therapy can also help fibromyalgia patients better manage their pain by reducing internal inflammation that aggravates tender points. Our Rockville Centre chiropractor recommends prospective patients schedule a personalized consultation to learn more about how cold laser therapy works. Call 516-536-6000 to schedule your appointment today.

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