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Low Back Pain Care from Rockville Centre ChiropractorRockville Centre chiropractor at Rhino Chiropractic provides low back pain & sciatica relief through adjustments, cold-laser therapy & hydromassage to

Chronic low back pain can put your life on hold, making it difficult to enjoy the activities you love. Unfortunately, modern medical care tends to focus on covering up your back pain symptoms rather than actually addressing the root cause. This can lead to a reliance on prescription painkillers or risky, invasive back surgery. If you are searching for safe, effective conservative back pain relief, our Rockville Centre chiropractor Dr. John Gehnrich can help.

Dr. Gehnrich has more than 17 years of experience helping patients just like you safely reduce or eliminate chronic back pain through conservative chiropractic care. By combining state-of-the-art diagnostic technology with corrective structural procedures and cold laser therapy, Dr. Gehnrich can bring mobility back to your life.

Hands-on structural and neurological corrective procedures and high-tech cold laser therapy delivers one of the best low back pain success rates on the island. If you have tried orthopedic care, neurological treatment, or physical therapy with little or no results, do not give up. Dr. Genhrich’s holistic and non-invasive process may be able to help!

State-of-the-art Diagnostic Technology Identifies Root Cause for Pain

Rather than treating just the symptoms of low back pain, Dr. Gehnrich focuses on identifying and caring for the root cause. He does this with state of the art technology including a computerized infrared scanner, spinal imaging, and postural and structural analysis. 

Dr. Gehnrich recognizes that while patients may share similar pain symptoms, the root causes for their pain may differ. For example, roughly 70 percent of patients who come to our office have symptoms of sciatica pain. This condition occurs when a herniated or bulging disc in the lumbar spine compresses the sciatic nerve. This compression can trigger radiating or numbing pain along the length of the nerve, extending from the low back through the buttocks and the legs.

Sciatica is just one example of why in-depth diagnostic treatment is important. While the superficial symptoms of low back pain may be the same, patients with lumbar disc herniations and bulges may need a slightly different treatment approach than patients with SI joint sprains and strains. Diagnostic testing helps Dr. Gehnrich and our team identify the root cause for your pain and create a custom approach to successfully addressing this pain that helps you regain mobility and restore function.

Structural & Neurological Corrective Care for Low Back Pain Relief

Our Rockville Centre chiropractor's unique approach to lower back pain includes using hands on structural, neurological corrective procedures and high tech cold laser therapy technology. Structural re-alignment reduces nervous system compression and irritation. Cold laser therapy supports the body’s natural healing process and reduces inflammation for immediate pain relief.

Are you ready to pick up your grandchild, play soccer with your son, or go on a date with your wife or husband without wincing in pain? We have seen many lives destroyed by low back pain and harmful or invasive treatment procedures. There is a better way!

Call 516-536-6000 today and take the first steps to a back pain free life.

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